Jodi Hilton, Kendo 3.dan

Jodi Hilton has been with the Memphis Kendo Club since 2011.  His most recent competition accomplishment occurred in 2016 when he competed at the SEUSKF Championships as part of the Memphis Men's Team, which captured 3rd place among a division that boasted more than 20 teams.  In addition to serving as an assistant instructor to the club, Jodi plays an active role in club activities and operations, including to help organize and run the 2014 SEUSKF Championships that were held in Memphis.

Outside of Kendo, Jodi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science with a concentration in BioChemistry, and minors in Biology and Japanese from the University of Memphis.  While at the UofM, he also took part in the university's study abroad program and spent a month in Japan studying the language and culture.